About Us


Amuri Transport was born from Transpac, one of New Zealand’s largest transport Companies that went into receivership in 1988. Transpacs demise lead to the rise of Amuri Transport.

With a typical kiwi attitude, eight drivers from the Culverden and Waiau depots of Transpac refused to call it quits, and approached the receivers and enquired as to how they could buy out the vehicles and the depots from the receivers. They mortgaged their homes and Amuri Transport (1989) Ltd was underway, despite the vehicles being old and having high mileage, the new company rose like a phoenix from the ashes even though many thought Amuri Transport would only survive six months.

With sheer grit and determination the highly experienced drivers gradually began to build up the company despite going through some very rough times.

The support of the locals in those early years and through to today, has been of immense value to the Company, the business has continued to grow with the on-going support of the local businesses and farmers.

Over the years the number of original owners has reduced from eight to three, with Peter Murphy, Mike Murphy and Kevin Crean still maintaining their investment in the business, and in 2014 Peter Fiddes also became a Director and Shareholder of the Company.

Peter, Mike and Kevin continue to drive in the Livestock Division.

Today Amuri Transport is thankful to all those that have supported the business, and the Company re-invests back into area wherever it can through sponsorships and charities.